2020’s best mortgage administrator – month three

A few months ago, we introduced a new category for the 2020 Mortgage Strategy Awards – best mortgage administrator, sponsored by Pepper Money .
We have been introducing two of the six administrators since then . Below you will find details on the final set: Kyrie and Jennie.
Kyrie Llewellyn
iProcess Mortgages
Kyrie was nominated by 12 companies. The barrage of praise and its variety are perhaps best illustrated by a number of key quotes left by her supporters:
“I would honestly consider giving up if I did not have her support.”
“She provides a seamless service…. She gives me the freedom to better utilise my time and never shies away from a challenging case.”
“She can deal with any issue and is always on hand.”
Jennie Boreham
The Horsham Mortgage Centre
Jennie’s work ethic and her habit of “going above and beyond” were singled out as a focal attribute by those who nominated her. One supporter said that, without Jennie’s contribution, their company would not prosper or be as well regarded within the local area as it currently is. Jennie also boasts a reputation for making every process smooth for both her colleagues and her clients without the expectation of recognition from customers that brokers typically enjoy.

Sponsor’s comment
Growing complexity puts greater emphasis on good administrators
Brokers face a challenge in the current market as the circumstances of their clients become increasingly complex.
Recent research carried out by YouGov on behalf of Pepper Money found that 7.86 million people had experienced credit problems in the past three years, and this will impact the mortgage choice for many potential borrowers. Then consider the many millions of people who are self-employed, work as contractors or earn multiple sources of income. Complex client enquiries are becoming the norm.
The good news is that lenders have reacted to borrowers’ changing circumstances and there are plenty of products with criteria that are built specifically to target complex client enquiries.
In today’s market, comprehensive research is vital to ensure that clients end up with the right product for their circumstances. This puts even greater emphasis on the value of good mortgage administrators. Brokers may provide the ultimate advice but often the experience a client receives is driven by the research and work of mortgage administrators. Good administrators can influence the path of a case from the start of a fact-find through to researching the most appropriate options, submitting the application, progressing it to offer and seeing it through to completion.
Technology can help with some of the research burden but it becomes a truly powerful tool only when used by someone who understands the market, the potential options and how these may align with a client’s circumstances.
A good mortgage administrator can unpack the relevant elements of a complex case, conduct the necessary research and deliver a set of solutions to provide the foundations for a broker to deliver best advice. This hard work and knowledge can help cases to progress, assist brokers on valuable client engagement and ultimately help match more clients with the right mortgage.
We recognise the growing demand from clients who need criteria that target their circumstances, and the importance of mortgage administrators in the process. This is why we have championed the value of professional mortgage advice among consumers and why we are proud to support this award.
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