Loughborough to lend up to 5.5 times income

Loughborough Building Society has increased its upper lending cap from 4.5 to 5.5 x income for borrowers who meet its affordability tests.
The lender says some borrowers who are able to afford larger mortgages are restricted by maximum income multiples.
It stresses that under the new rules, all borrowers will still need to prove that they can comfortable afford their repayments based on their income and outgoings.
In order to qualify for the higher income multiple cap, borrowers must earn at least £50,000 if they are applying individually or a total of at least £75,000 if they are making a joint application.
For borrowers who meet these requirements, Loughborough offers a discount rate of 2.45 per cent for two years with a £999 fee.
The deal is available up to 85 per cent loan-to-value with a maximum loan size of £750,000.
In March the lender increased its range of shared ownership deals, while late last year it brought in extra flexibility in criteria for self-employed and contractor borrowers.
Loughborough building development manager Ashley Pearson says: “It is great that we are able to help even more borrowers afford their dream home and it is important to take a common-sense approach to lending, which I believe we do every day.”
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