JM de Guzman Teams Up with Arci Munoz for the First Time in the Film ‘Last Fool Show’

Some people fantasize about seeing their life turned into a film, with their favorite stars portraying them and the people in their lives. But what will happen if your life will be turned into a film and you must be the film’s director?
This is the theme of the romantic-comedy film “ Last Fool Show ” which stars real-life friends  Arci Mu ñ oz  and  JM de Guzman  under the direction of  Eduardo Roy Jr. , and produced by Star Cinema, N2, and EMBA that will be screening in most countries worldwide via TFC at the Movies.

Arci Munoz (right) is Mayessa, an award-winning director whose first romantic-comedy film is inspired by her failed relationship with Paulo (JM de Guzman, left)
“ Last Fool Show ” tells the story of  Mayessa  (Muñoz), an award-winning director who will take inspiration from her failed relationship with  Paulo  (de Guzman) to create her first romantic-comedy film.
But things will get a bit more complicated for  Mayessa  when she crosses paths again with her ex-boyfriend  Paulo .
How does doing this film affect  Mayessa ’s view on her failed relationship with  Paulo ? Will this lead them to have a second chance or will this forever end the love story they once had?
Find out what will become of  Mayessa  and  Paulo ’s story as “ Last Fool Show ” screens via TFC at the Movies in the following regions on these dates: in the Middle East starting April 18; in the U.S. & Canada starting April 19; in Paris, France on April 28; in Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, and Papua New Guinea starting May 2; and in Saipan starting May 3.
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