You have until Wednesday to get this super cheap £11.99 a month broadband deal

If you haven't yet taken the chance to secure your next year of internet for a mere £11.99 per month, then we suggest that you shake a leg. The scarcely believable bargain broadband deal comes to an end this Wednesday. When it comes to cheap broadband deals , this effort from little-known Onestream manages to top the rest. Forget Plusnet, Post Office and Vodafone for the next few days, because only Onestream can give you monthly bills as low as this - the next cheapest we've seen is £4 a month more. Check out this astonishingly cheap broadband deal from Onestream here For that you get unlimited broadband, average speeds of 11Mb, a free router (with £9.99 delivery fee), free activation and your phone line included, too. And because this offer is only available to TechRadar readers, you get a comforting level of smugness thrown in gratis as well! But when the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday night, this internet tariff will be no more. So if you like the idea of paying a fraction more than a tenner every month for your broadband, you'd better get in there quick.
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Our exclusive cheap broadband only deal details:
How does this compare to other broadband deals?
So you already know you won't get a cheaper ADSL package than this, but what else is out there if you decide that you don't want to take a punt on Onestream. For ADSL, it's a bit of a toss up between £17 per month TalkTalk and internet from Plusnet that costs £18.99 p/m but throws in a £50 pre-paid Mastercard . When it comes to cheap fibre, your best option lies with Vodafone right now. For just £21 a month, you can currently get its 35Mb Superfast 1 plan - a bargain on fast speeds. Or if you like your broadband package with a beefy bonus, how about BT. For £29.99 BT is offering up its Superfast Fibre package with a whopping £100 pre-paid Mastercard. 

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