This Chinese Woman Enjoys Eating Live Scorpions

A lot of travelers enjoy, not only the magnificent views and extraordinary sites that they visit, but also the diverse, and sometimes exotic cultures that they encounter. Such includes the peculiar culinary delicacies that each culture can offer. China, no doubt, has one of the weirdest, if not craziest, culture out there – especially their foods.  While some may view Chinese culture as eerily unique, some of their traditions can be downright creepy. Right, for example, the Chinese street foods can be unlike anything you've ever seen before. Below is a video of a Chinese woman eating some street food, which happened to be live skewed baby scorpions! Sounds insane, yet the woman seemed to be enjoying every bit of these tasty skewers. [Warning: Video may contain graphic content.] As creepy as it may seem, we are not one to judge people who enjoy eating their foods while still squirming. Just like what they say – "to each their own". Copyright of Controversial Files

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