African Prophet Claimed To Be Victorious After A Wrestling Match With God

African pastors or self-proclaimed prophets are creating buzz and uproar on the Internet because of their controversial statements and actions demonstrating their zeal faith. According to the recent claim by Prophet T. Mudungwe, he defeated God in a wrestling match. This strange story was first reported by The Southern Daily, a local Zimbabwean news agency. A reporter from The Southern Daily convinced the Prophet to tell his story of his match with God. His statement is full of zeal and glory here's how Mudungwe won against God. He even claimed that he has the video of his wrestling match with God. He'll show the video when the time comes, claims Mudungwe.  “I ducked the suplex, and then lifted him up and delivered a Batista Bomb” “I lay on top of him and one of the angels counted to three.” “God regained his consciousness much later. He apologized then blessed me” “God then prayed for me for over 30 minutes” -T. Mudungwe  Claims like this aren't new, another pastor also claimed that he defeated Satan in Hell last month. Strangely, his claim is very reminiscent of Jacob's implied struggle with God. The video below shows a radio broadcast or live podcast of  T. Mudungwe stating his grandiose claim. WATCH THE VIDEO: Copyright of Controversial Files

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