This 250 Million Year Old Microchip Is The Most Definite Proof of an Ancient Advanced Civilization

A rock which contains a 250 million-year-old microchip left many Russian researchers completely baffled. They wonder how the microchip found its way in a million-year-old rock. Some researchers believe that the blade-shaped microchip can hold data that can reveal its advanced or extraterrestrial origin. The artifact is said to be discovered by a Russian fisherman in Labinsk, Russia. Russian paleontologists used carbon dating and found that the rock sheltering the microchip is dated 225-250 million years ago, during the last phases of the Permian period. It is the same period of time when Earth faced it's worst extinction event. The strangest fossil that they have found can potentially change the way we view prehistory. There are speculations that the microchip may have been created by a civilization even before the age of dinosaurs. While some skeptics believe that the microchip might just be a fossil of an animal/plant in the Permian period, that is still unknown to science. WATCH THE VIDEO: Copyright of Controversial Files

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